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About Me

Who Am I?

A self-confident and highly motivated person who is passionate about Pro Audio. During my 20 years of experience in the audio industry I have had the opportunity to work in music, dubbing, sound design and mixing for cinema. My constant desire for learning new things related with my job has kept me up to date in the fast moving technological industry.

I consider myself a high performing individual, demonstrating drive, enthusiasm and initiative, with the ability to work well under pressure. I have experience in managing teams in postproduction companies, which involved strategic forward planning and application of modern leadership methods.





What I do?

Here are some of my specialties

Original sound mixing

Create 3D immersive mixes using the Dolby Atmos technology.

Re-recording mixing

Any mix for Cinema, TV or Internet can be delivered at InSync.

Sound Design

Let us create the sound that helps the storytelling and excites the audience.

ADR & Dubbing

The best Catalan, Spanish and English voice talents at your service.

Dolby Atmos

I've worked at Dolby helping to develop the Dolby Atmos sound system.

Pro Tools instructor

I am an Avid Certified Icon Expert & Pro Tools operator in Postproduction.


Work Experience

Dubbing Mixer at InSync 2011-2019

· Dubbing Mixer
· Sound Design
· Sound supervisor
· Sound postproduction coordinator

Pro Tools Operator Post Instructor 2011-2019

· Pro Tools postproduction Instructor for AVID
· I delivered the official training courses in Pro Tools for RTVE (Spanish Television)

Product Specialist at Dolby 2012-2013

· As per my previous job at Immsound I delivered the training for Dolby Engineers sharing my experience in 3D sound to help improve the Dolby Atmos sound system.

Product Specialist at Immsound 2011-2013

· Technical director of the Imm studio
· Instructor responsible for delivering the Imm sound trainings to sound engineers
· Sound design & Re-recording mixer in Imm sound system
· Helped to design the User Interface of the Immersive Audio Workstation (IAW)


The Studio

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Pro Tools | Ultimate

Pro Tools HDX

Equipped with Pro Tools | Ultimate software and HDX. The most powerful, creative, and efficient DAW at your service to deliver your work in the highest sound quality possible.

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Dolby Production Suite

Dolby Atmos

At Insync you will be able to create powerful 3D immersives mixes in Dolby Atmos in a 7.4.1 Genelec speaker setup. Experience the sound in three-dimensional space, so you feel like you're inside the action!

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Full HD projection

Projecting in Full HD resolution in a big screen with the best sound technology ever will make the client enjoy the whole sound postproduction process like never before.

My Work

Recent Projects

La Unidad

Dialog mixer


Dialog mixer

Els dies que vindran

Dialog Editor
Dubbing Mixer
Catalan & Spanish version

La Innocència

Dialog Editor
Sound Design
Dubbing Mixer
Catalan & Spanish version

Barcelona 1714

Dialog Editor
Sound Design
Dubbing Mixer


Dialog Editor
Sound Design
Dubbing Mixer

La Tribu

Dialog Premixer

Tierra Firme

Dialog Editor
Dubbing Mixer
English, Spanish & Catalan version
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